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Charlie Estudio · Visual Communication

Estudio Charlie, sitio dinámico, AS3. Diseño: Federico Dams.


Development of new technologies and platforms makes us think corporate identity is turning to be proprietary software, designed to supply or cover all the clients need to, and have powerful and faster tools in their hands to make a difference. Process becomes easier and faster, and costs go lower. The development of tools. Plus, the easy upgrade on these tools allow to foresee the evolution, needs and changes for the future.

Focused on humor, development of content for all different needs, from the creation of characters to series. Laboratory of ideas for web content. 360 concept.

Experienced animators and designers, producers and directors as well. Remedia for all was recently created based Alejandro Abramovich long experience in television branding. For AA’s work on branding and resume please check

Alejandro Abramovich

Recipient of numerous awards from Promax and BDA Latin America for group and individual performance.

Recognized as a top Creative Director winning an average of 30 Promax and BDA awards each year.

Recipient of the Cannes Silver Lion award 2006 and numerous other awards for MTV’s “Don’t Kill the Music” and the Promax International Platinum Award 2003 for “Nena Rubia” Nickelodeon Latin America.

Personally designed more than ten times the entire Image Campaigns for MTV and Nick with designs and annual branding image changes utilized globally for more than seven years.

Trevor Lafargue

Winner of three Promax / BDA medals awarded for Art Direction and Design in the Weekly Music Promotion Video “Nueva Musica” and “Mitos Urbanos” a promotion for a series exploring urban legends.

Creative Art Director of visuals for 14 live performances by International and Local bands for MTV Latin America’s annual live award show. Directed the live performance screens during the MTV Latin America Video music awards in 2007.

Key Player in R&D driving the introduction of new technology into TV/Internet format; directed, produced and edited “Generated by You” an on-air campaign promoting MTV viewer interactivity through user generated content.

Studied Spanish as a second language a necessity in effective performance at MTV Latin America.

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